Monday, November 22, 2004

Ronnie Earle says, "Really?"

Following a CBS News report claiming that inside sources say DeLay has skated on the Austin charges, Travis County DA Ronnie Earle responds that nobody is off the hook, including your Momma.

Then, just to add sunburn to a stab wound, Earle types-up a paragraph or two for the New Yawk Times. Earle gooses Ole Tom by typing, " member of Congress has been indicted in the investigation, and none is a target unless he or she has committed a crime." Hey, Tom, slick down your hair and wipe your chin because everybody is looking at you!

Just for you folks in foreign states, it's the worst kept secret in Texas that Austin DA Ronnie Earle is going to lose all his funding in the next Lege session. The Texas Lege is controlled by Republicans and if they take away Earle's money for the investigation, this case is over.

We're thinking about holding a bake sale for Earle next year.

Politics of Financial Destruction

There's a real special place in hell for these guys. These guys should have to look up to see the pits of hell.

Lou Dubose, half author of The Hammer , has done a dandy little piece in The Texas Observer about Tom DeLay's connection to the Indian tribe and Tom's Boys sins against mankind. Serious DeLay watchers think there's more to this story than anything being seen by the Travis County grand jury. Plus, with this story, you get Ralph Reed thrown in the mix just for fun.

Keep your eye on this one, Folks. It has long legs.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Laws of Gravity and Vice Versa

If Tom DeLay wants to appear taller, he could just repeal the law of gravity. After all, he could get the votes right now. He's changing rules to fit his needs anyway.

To be honest, it is the gravity of the law that concerns me more.

The Republicans passed this rule ten years ago to make Democratic Congressman Dan Rostenkowski look bad. They wanted to appear morally superior to Democrats. I thought it was a stoopid idea then and I think it's a stoopid idea now.

An indictment is proof of nothing. Anyone who has ever served on a grand jury can tell you that it's a one-sided affair. Assuming guilt because an indictment has been brought is not what good Americans do.

Up until yesterday, Republicans didn't believe that. They believed that an indictment meant guilt. They seem to be changing their mind. That's a good thing.

Tom DeLay is claiming that any investigation of him is political. He's right. It's political. If he wasn't in politics he could probably steal money without getting caught.

Tom DeLay is the pimp-car-driving, bling bling-wearing, entourage-toting hot shot of politics. Yeah, it's very political - Tom has to stop using politics to enrich himslef.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Tom gets to stay

Ain't that just typical of Republicans. If they don't like the rules, they get all activist and up in everybody's face.

They are also scardy cats. They are afraid of a short little man with a dirty background and a nasty disposition.

It's very Christian to change the rules to fit Super DeLux Brand Christian Tom DeLay. I mean, Jesus changed the Ten Commandments. Didn't he? Whoa, wait. You mean Jesus didn't change the rules about that pesky one god thing? How 'bout the coveting thing? Jesus didn't amend that to fit his needs?

Our local Republican party chairman here, Eric Thode, made a prissy statement in one Sugar Land newspaper about a man indicted 15 years ago with all charges later dismissed. I'll tell you all about it later. Our local Republicans have cornered the market on hypocrisy and greed.

Another day, another DeLay

This blog is dedicated to local politics in Tom DeLay's home district. I will also keep up with Tom, which is a Herculean task because he won't be still or keep his hands out of other people's pockets.